Driven mostly by technology and global integration, the world is changing at an unprecedented velocity. In the midst of exponential growth in computing power, the role of human leadership becomes even more important to navigating our businesses and institutions to a successful future. Members of our team have been at the forefront of major leadership develop movements for two decades. Perhaps most importantly, we have practiced leadership personally, using our professional lives as active laboratories, our failures, and our successes as experiments to discover what works. Our aim is to help our clients leverage the best aspects from classic and emerging leadership development strategies and practices to advance their mission.

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Examples of our team members’ credentials in Leadership Design:

  • Managed the founding and launch of The Presidio Institute, a $200 million initiative to accelerate a global cross-sector leadership movement at historic Fort Scott overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Founded and directed The Center for Social Entrepreneurship at George Mason University, demonstrating social innovation education’s potential from one of the United States’ largest universities.
  • Founding and directed The Phoenix Project, bringing social enterprise to the streets of severely economically distressed communities to address broken schools, poor health, violence, and joblessness.
  • Founded and directed The University of Virginia’s Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership’s youth civic education programs, building model bipartisan academies to produce better public servants.
  • Founded and guided the Harriman Foreign Service Fellowships, a nationally leadership opportunity for students interested the United States foreign service.
  • Formulated the School for Founders, an initiative to better equip the founders of blended mission change organizations for the unique challenges of launching and sustaining new enterprises.